Play Magic? Join our Guild

The Games Guild not only to place to buy Magic, but also the place to enjoy your hobby. We have everything a Magic player needs, a place to come together, events, community and support. 


Our store has over 120 M2 of space for players to use. Outside of events (and sometimes even during), there is always a spot for you to play with your friends. The location is open to all and free to use. Just comeby either with your friends or just on your own to make new ones. 

We are a active organizer of events both small a big. We host weekly events like our Wednesday draft night, Friday Commander evening, weekend Modern / legacy tourneys and Pre-releases and so on. In addition we also organise special and competitive events. Every 2 weeks alternating every time, we organise a competitive Modern / Legacy event. 
Of course we plan to do a lot more. Check our Calendar for more. We will also be posting these events on other media (like Untap), so watch out for these events.


At the Guild you'll find a friendly and vibrant (Magic) Community. Want to see how it is here, just check our Youtube or Twitch vods. This community makes it easy to play Magic anytime with anyone as there is always a way to get someone to play, trade, discuss, or have a good time together. Experience it yourself by joining one of our events or just come by. If after that you want to join the group, you can either join our whatsapp group or discord to stay in touch. 


If you have at any time a question, wether about rules, deck construction, sleeving, trading, just any question, just let us know. Either the Community or the Guild Staff can help you out. We at the Guild have over 25 years of Magic hobby experience and we have an in house judge for rules questions, so we'll find a way to help you. You can contact us just via e-mail, whatsapp, discord or just by coming by. 


So if your ready to enter the Guild? Click on the link below to take the first step and we will see you soon.


Weekly / recurring events

Commander Nights - Every Friday

Weekly Draft - Every Wednesday

Op de Guild kan je elke dag komen Magicen; Commander, Modern enz.
Daarnaast hebben we ook een vaste Commander avond op vrijdag.

En periodiek zijn er ook special format, zoals commandercube, triform commander, 2HG commander en nog veel meer.   


Onze vaste draftavond is op woensdagavond. Normaliter spelen we dan met de meest recente set. Meer info wat we gaan draften en tijden, check onze agenda

Casual Modern / Legacy

Elke maand proberen we mini casual Modern of Legacy toernooitjes. 
Dit event is bij uitstek om je skills en decks te oefenen. Proxies are allowed. 
Meer info,  zie onder....