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The Games Guild has decided to fully allow proxies at The Games Guild Series (for now). We do however maintain a few guidelines and rules pertaining to proxies:

  • We require actual proxies, so that means no small paper slips with just the card name written onto it
  • There is no limit to the maximum amount of proxies you can use.
  • You can use real Magic cards and proxies in the same deck
  • Make sure your proxies are the same size as actual Magic cards. For reference: a Magic card is 88.9mm by 63.5mm
  • Proxies have to be in full color, matching the original colors of the card you’re proxying. No black and white cards
  • Printed proxy papers have to added to a perfect-fit-sleeved-Magic card. 
  • We require you to sleeve your entire deck. If you’re using proxies and real Magic cards, sleeve them both in the same manner. So if you use proxies you need to Double Sleeve!
  • The main rule of thumb is: make sure your proxies are recognizable from a distance

Where can I find a website to make proxies?

After-Market Proxies & WCD/CE/IE cards
We’ll allow after-market proxies (also known as ‘fakes’). We’re here to have fun, get together and implement "the gathering" aspect of MTG. If you’re in the possession of these ‘fakes’, then that’s up to you. However be aware while trading cards that these type of fakes exist. The fake card needs to be in the original Magic art. The same applies for WCD (World Championship Deck), CE (Collectors’ Edition) and IE (International Edition) cards – these will be allowed as well.